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Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired, was founded in (1983).It was publicized and registered by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in (UAE) in (1985).

Our Objectives


  • To intigrate the visually impaired in the society.
  • To impart daily living skills to the visually impaired members to make them productive.
  • To developing the relations between the association and similar organizations, in order to support and improve *level of services which provided to the visually impaired in Emirates.
  • To highlight through the media on the visually impaired affairs.
  • To making the researches, beside to the scientific and field studies which could serve the visually impaired.
  • To giving the public opinion, a clear picture of the visually impaired and their requirements.
  • To activate the voluntary activity in the society and awareness of its importance.

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Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired:
PO Box: 3128, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 00971 6 5442225
Fax: 00971 6 5442226
Email: info@sightme.net & eavi@eim.ae


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